The readily available and easy to use CRM.

Effortless implementation. Smooth out your workflow.

Why Zimplu CRM?


Generate reports about your company’s activity in no time and keep track of your sales.


Reduce work time using our intuitive interface.


Tailor different aspects of the app using your own work language.


Log into your account and acces information from anywhere, with a simple internet connection.


Share customer data and assign tasks between your departments in order to raise productivity.


Store everything in a secure digital space. Your information will be entirely encrypted on our platform.

Online CRM from any device.

A complete database for all activities

Your whole team will now have fast access to information in real time, using a single system. This way you will avoid the lack of synchronization between team members, and every deadline will be met.

A much easier way to generate sales offers

You will be able to send sales offers that are specially tailored for your clients by simply adjusting templates. You can do that directly from the app with just a few clicks. Your sales will grow and you will save precious time.

A simple way to better customer relationship management

You can save and access e-mails or other forms of client communication at any time. This way you will always be ready for an interaction. Moreover, you can solve requests much faster and provide customers with the best customer experience.

Some of the companies we helped improve their workflow: