Our Vision

More than 10 years ago, we began looking for a system that would support us in day-to-day office and field work. At the time of 2011, we did not manage to identify any CRM (Customer Relationship Management) that is simple and intuitive, which does not require lengthy training and implementation and which is usable.

We are a company with experience in developing IT solutions in Cloud Computing since 2006, so we have decided to take the first step and to develop the service we lacked. We created Zimplu CRM: the Online CRM with simple, intuitive and friendly interface. Zimplu was quickly adopted by our colleagues in Sales, then we also implemented it in the Technical Support Department. Thus, no one forgets what to do and when to do it.

To date, more than 1,200 sales people, customer service agents, marketing specialists and managers have chosen Zimplu CRM as a help to carry out daily activities. Over time, we’ve improved and developed our Service to meet the needs of our Customers.

Our Mission

We are a team of young enthusiasts. We have set ourselves from the beginning to be useful to our Clients and to meet their needs with simple and applicable solutions. We believe we are on the right track, taking into account that our B2B base base has grown from year to year, starting in 2006, when we created Nexus Electronics.

We will continue in this direction and we are convinced that we can make a difference in the activity of any Customer who needs our help.

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The Team

Florin Subtirica
Dacian Matache
Adrian Mogosanu
Constantin Iancu
Daniela Matache
Robert Milos
Otto Papp
Alexandru Stoica
Cristina Magarita
Victor Vasile
Camelia Badea
Geanina Stroe
Luciana Bezdadea
Madalina Ion
Alexandra Mogos