- Our Vision -



It was not so many years ago, when we were just like you, searching for a CRM solution that could fit our needs and help us in our day to day activities. We needed something easy to manage and flexible, but none of the existing CRMs on the market seemed to "make the cut".

So, we decided to take matters into our own hands and put our experience in developing Cloud Computing and IT Solutions to some good work. This is why we came to develop our very own CRM app, that does the work without any unnecessary features that could overwhelm the employees and defocus them from their tasks. That is how ZIMPLU CRM came to life.


meet the team:


Until now, more than 1200 of salesmen, customer support agents, marketing specialists and managers have chosen our app to be their trustful help for their everyday activities. Over time, we improved and developed our software application in order to stay updated to our customer needs and meet the standards imposed by them, in the simplest way.