5 Expectations From Future CRMs

Technology evolves fast and we're looking at automation in every aspect of our jobs. The CRM market is constantly developing to ensure that businesses are always two steps ahead. As vendors that have to meet the needs of variable markets, we are already thinking about the next thing in CRM.


Expectations for the future of CRM Systems

Let's see what we are most impatient about when it comes to developing CRMs.

1. Client and customer app integrations:

We're looking at cross-connecting apps for e-mails, phone or location to the main CRM platform. It should be able to keep track of all that client interaction without taking time from sales reps. Apps are doing more and more, and the CRM has to be able to gather data from most (if not all) of them.

2. “One size does not fit all”:

We have B2C vs. B2B, Freelancers/ micro businesses vs. small businesses, startups vs. established companies. So many types of organisations that need a CRM system, but for different aspects or customizable features. More niche products for any businesses, industries or sizes will appear. This will reduce implementation time and costs.

3. Improvement in interface:

Modern and fast user interface is not a convention yet. There's still a long way to go. Increasing usage will get the most out of a CRM platform and will rear the need. Also, the love-hate relationship between sales reps and entering data will become a win-win situation for them and managers. Better interfaces will cost less time for salespeople and more data for managers.

4. Better data usage:

We will collect data from every salesperson, from every app the clients use and we'll do it using a customized platform. Then we'll have to learn from that data to increase revenue. The reports will be smarter, the analysis will become more involved, the help got from a CRM solution will become imperative.

Never miss an opportunity ever again.

5. The "anywhere, anytime" CRM:

Less computer usage, more mobility. Some vendors have already launched the mobile version of their platforms. This will help data integration from phones or tablets, gathered from apps and user actions. It means less manual work for salespeople and more doing what they love.

The next big thing in CRM is a lot of things: a better relationship with sellers, a better interface for users, better data analytics, and integration. So, if you are a vendor, don't forget to refresh your view on the needs of your clients. And if you are a customer, don't forget to give feedback to get what you need faster, in a better way, suited for your business like a glove.