How to Get Your Employees to Use The New CRM Solution

When you implement a new software for your employees to use, you do it with the enthusiasm of an active believer. But soon you realize that some of your people (or the majority) disagree and are resistant to change.


Convince your employees to use your CRM Solution

What to do when you are having trouble getting your employees to use the new CRM solution? There's no perfect recipe. But by including some (or all) of these actions in your approach, you'll have a better chance to be successful in your quest:

1. Sell them the CRM

Show your employees the reasons you implemented this new software. Pitch to them the benefits of using it. For you, for them, for the company. As a sales manager, you probably have excellent selling skills. Give your best to prove the utility of your choice.

2. Offer training

No one will be so curious enough to use something they don't know how to. Especially when they have a lot of work to do. A training program can bring employees the information they need to open and start working with the CRM solution.

3. Keep it simple

Do not overcrowd your users with information or features they don't need. Now you have the possibility to customize a CRM solution. Keep the imperative features on board. For example, the ones related to communications or reports.

Salespersons are busy people, and they don't like to spend time entering data from a computer. To make sure they can quickly write information about a lead/opportunity, keep it to no more than five fields.

4. Bring game into it

“Gamification” is a new concept with old content. Bringing game techniques to the workplace can increase competition and productivity. Reward your team with points for registering tasks in CRM or for winning opportunities. Encourage small steps to the main goal. Increase CRM usage and performance with levels of achievement.

5. Make it mobile friendly

Many salespeople spend a lot of time on the road, from client to client to prospect. Make it easy for them to use an automated solution by implementing one with a mobile version. Then, the sales reps can enter data about their meetings after they have taken place, anytime, anywhere.

6. Integrate with other apps

If you get a mobile version, integrate it with other apps for calls, e-mails or GPS tracking. Fewer data entered by salespeople, less time, spent apart from clients and closing deals. Also, data gathered from other apps can be more accurate and result in better sales reports. You get all information you need; sales representatives do more of what they love.

7. Listen to feedback

Most important part of implementing a new solution for your team is their feedback. Ignoring their opinions on the matter and pushing them beyond their desires can make them use the CRM, but decrease their productivity. Also, you can gather feedback from other CRM users and even your clients. The information might surprise and help you manage your team better.

Getting tyrant and forcing people to use a solution because you say so can take the productivity and work environment down. It can work, but that's never a long-term, beneficial solution. Work to convince your employees the CRM solution will help them. You will gain efficiency, productivity, and a happy, stress-free environment.