Respond faster to customer requests even while you’re out of office

What company doesn’t want its sales people to be successful and its clients happy and content? Say you were out on the field and really needed to access some data and maybe even some email exchanges with a certain client? You’d probably need to open at least 3 apps to gather all the information that you need. Well wouldn’t you like to have everything stored in one place and for it to be easily accessed even on the go? We know we do! We figured out that a CRM might just be the solution. Let’s see why.


Communication plays a vital role both in closing more sales and in maintaining a healthy relationship with your customers. Obviously, communicating at a distance is a crucial step towards improving every operation and relationship in and out side of your company. This is how a CRM becomes one of the best productivity and efficiency booster when it comes to sales and customer support.

Actually, according to a Gartner study, a well-implemented CRM system can increase revenue by up to 41% per sales person, while a Tech News World survey of more than 500 companies found that a CRM solution can benefit almost any business and in several different areas.

Maintain even a long distance relationship with your customers

There’s not way around it, having access to customer data at any time and in any place is considered a top ingredient for closing deals and keeping clients happy.

If you are an active sales person, it’s pretty likely that you’re going to have out of office meetings. And turning on your laptop to register a conversation with your customer, browsing for some information or telling your prospects that you will get back to them are definitely not options to be considering while on the go.

You want to show up at the meeting with all the information you need to close a sale, as well as be able to update opportunities and record every activity while out of the office.

This is the situation when having a CRM app is going to come in handy, whith its ability to keep you connected to the “office” and on top of things while out on the field.

The CRM - connecting sales reps to clients everywhere

A CRM offers your sales people the flexibility and full options that they need in order to get their jobs done no matter where they are (as long as they have an internet connection, of course).

With a CRM mobile app you are not only provided with access to all the CRM data you want, but also with the tools and the speed to act, respond and increase your numbers.

So what are the advantages of choosing a CRM and how does the CRM help you access your database while out of the office?

Stay well prepared for a meeting at all times

No matter how well organized and focused you might be, having your calendars, conversation logs and contacts integrated into the mobile CRM is a huge step forward towards your inner professional piece and even efficiency. If you have a meeting coming up, not only will you be notified of it, but you will also have direct access to your central database, with all the information and notes on the customer.

Be more observant of what your customer needs

It’s true that you shouldn’t let your clients take advantage of your willingness to offer assistance at all times, but it might so happen that you’re out of office during work hours and some urgent problems must be addressed.

The good news is that the CRM solution makes that happen. Once a customer sends in a request, you’re able to see it in real time and act upon it. After the situation has been solved, you can automate the CRM to send out an email to the client who solicited it.

Keep up with your customer’s needs and requests

Customers nowadays have online access to many competing and compelling offers, you need to increase the speed at which you can present your own offers. Otherwise, you risk losing deals.

One way to speed up the communication is by using CRM. Mobile CRM allows you to provide a better customer experience by being able to instantly offer the latest information on the products, deals and contracts, as well as to quickly answer customer questions – whether you’re in the office or out on the road – so you never have to keep your customers waiting.

In addition, Mobile CRM helps you to follow up on leads and opportunities at the right time – so there’s no need to wait until your colleague returns to his office.

close more sales in less time

The CRM software can help you close deals faster with fewer interactions, meaning that you’re going to have more time to prospect and dedicate yourself to new sales opportunities.

Let’s take one of our colleagues, for instance. He had programmed a meeting outside of the office and all of a sudden a prospect with huge potential called him to say that his management was willing to close the deal if he could run them through the exact offer he made.

Of course he generally knew that he made them a good pitch, but he couldn’t remember the exact details, details written down in our CRM software. What a waste it would have been if every piece of info wasn’t chalked out in our complex database and wasn’t accessible from a distance. “I’ll get back to you on the details tomorrow” just wasn’t an option.

With Zimplu CRM, he had access to all the critical information available to close that sale.

With a mobile CRM solution there’s no need to return to the office in order to follow up on your customers or even submit orders. You simply can take care of the entire process through your mobile device.

The same goes for networking events. If you meet someone important, you can add them as contacts, book appointments and plan activities straight away. That’s how you make sure you will follow up on a potential customer and won’t lose important opportunities.

Share information across your team

As a general rule when it comes to team work, it’s very helpful to share information with every member and coordinate the activities when contacting leads.

If you get some important information or discover new opportunities during your meetings, this information needs to be spread quickly to your team, just in case the customer decides to contact you or your colleague.

In conclusion, a CRM system enables you to take control over your sales pipeline and update sales forecast with a few clicks, as well as view open and overdue sales opportunities.

Today’s sales people are often on the move and having access to the information they need, getting real time updates and being able to change records as soon as something happens is essential to keep up with competition.

It also makes you ready to plan and answer questions about your sales pipeline at any moment.