How not to lose time on creating sales offers and just end the sale?

Sales Quotes and Proposals (QP) represent a critical process for any business, but it hasn’t always received the importance and attention  it deserves. A CRM solution should do just that: offer a support for the sales people engaged in a negotiation with a potential client. So let’s discuss today about what a CRM software can do for you sales team to get them to close more deals.

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How can a CRM software support the Quotes and Proposals process?

Putting together a timely, accurate, professional quote or proposal is perhaps one of the most difficult and important parts of the sales process. Even so,  it is often overlooked, badly controlled and rarely tracked.

Although it takes a lot of thought and actions to completely solve the QP challenge, there are some relatively simple steps you can take to vastly improve the process, improve customer satisfaction, and close more sales in a shorter time.

A quotes & proposals feature can be extremely beneficial to a sales team. By automating several functions within the quoting and proposal process, the beginning of the sales cycle can become significantly more efficient. In addition to efficiency, the QP solution increases the accuracy of quotes, ensuring customers have better pricing visibility at an early stage. Certainly, these are tremendous benefits, but if you can’t effectively communicate and convey them to the customer, they’re not worth a whole lot.

That’s where customer relationship management (CRM) software comes in with the way it can integrate this extremely helpful feature. CRM platforms represent one of the best means of communication between a sales team and its leads and customers.

Through its diverse features, the CRM software can track your interactions, manage leads, store customer information and even generate a series of elaborate reports.

When all of the sales tasks are being completed within one unified system, the probability of human error rarely arises.

Basically  the sales workflow is going to be better compiled and you’ll probably experience the shortening of the sales cycle. Your sales team can generate a proposal and pull a customer’s full list of details from the same system, resulting in less time allocation to administrative tasks.

Why you need a CRM software to help you with your sales quotes

When companies take too long to deliver a quote or send out a disorganized sales proposal, it obviously can have a negative impact on the whole sales deal and relationship with the customer. A quote generating feature in your CRM software can help your company avoid these problem. You can work with several templates and automate most of the workflow tasks.

1. Quoting is easy to manage

The biggest advantage of using these software tools is that they bring all the quoting related information at one location. The CRM software eliminates the need for other tools for quote management that are known to cause widespread organizational inefficiencies. And, most importantly, the product-related information is accessible in real time from within the quoting system

2. You can create quotes and proposals that reflect your brand

Another advantage is that you can create a customized quoting template that exactly fits your brand and style. The system enables you to give a consistent look and feel for every quote that you submit to the customers. The software tool can actually help you to build your brand as it is tailored to your business.

3. Get a global view of your entire company situation

With the help of  CRM software solution you can have a bird’s eye view on your entire sales pipeline and your business, and take the necessary actions.

4. Track your top performers

See which reps are on track to beat their targets. You'll be able to set your goals even higher with a flexible performance chart.

5. Better billing

The integration of a quotes and proposals tool in your CRM enhances billing, by providing an exact itemized list of purchased goods and services for your billing system. Exact copies of quotes can go to the billing department automatically, so that when they are accepted and a deal closes, there's no wasted time producing an accurate bill, and probably far fewer disputes too. For multiple-part deals, CPQ provides clear itemization of what's promised and what's already delivered.

6. Better analytical view

A database of quotes could be an efficient way of assessing concretely what works well and what doesn't in your sales process, helping you to figure out what sort of improvements are needed.

The problem with this assessment is that it can get tricky and extremely difficult if you don’t have a good analytics tool

7. Cloud-based, mobile first platform.

If you're lucky enough to be using a modern CPQ tool, your quotes can be available on multiple screens - from the CFO's desktop to the sales manager's phone - thanks to modern cloud infrastructure. This ubiquity enables better team selling and faster closes no matter where your team is operating.


These suggestions can be applied regardless of what your quote and proposal processes are, or what tools you use in those processes. The good news is that a new generation of Quote and Proposal Automation (QPA) software packages is finally arriving to help sales professionals and organizations with these and other challenges in the QP process.

What has traditionally been a very manual or homegrown series of steps to get a proposal into the hands of your customer can now be streamlined and smooth. The ultimate goal is to close more win/win business with new and existing customers.