How to Automatically Generate Sales Offers in the CRM System

Regardless of the industry you belong to, one of the main purposes of your company is to sell. This is where the CRM System can help you!

Whether we are talking about the sale of a product or service, or an indirect sale, like “selling” the company image.

The offer is an important part of the presentation. It is stage that has an impact on potential customers through the way it showcases the product.

This is why the offer must have a set of features that must be well thought of.

Those features are:

How much time do you currently spend on generating offers? Usually, when generating an offer for a customer requires increased attention and should contain information such as:

If we were to calculate how much it would take us to generate the offer from scratch, it would mean more than 50% of the time spent in the office on a normal day, which would mean that the sales representatives would spend more time shuffling paper instead of selling.

Certainly you went through the situation where one of your clients requested an offer on a very short notice and said: “If I do not receive the offer today, I will sign with another company.” “Why does it take so long? I want to receive the offer today! ”

How will a CRM system help you avoid such situations?

1. You have a pre-set product presentation format which every employee can use.

Within the automatic generation of offers in the CRM system you have access to general presentations of the products attached by the account admin. In this way, you just have to select which presentation you want to add to the offer.

Access to these presentations is available to all sales representatives who have been granted access by the admin.

2. Generate offers in a very short time

If the generation of offers normally requires half a day’s work of a sales representative, when you opt in for the generation of offers through the CRM system it will only take 5-10 minutes per offer:

Filling in all this information is all you have to do to generate the offer. The CRM System automatically calculates everything. This activity does not last more than 10 minutes, and you can then send the offer to the Clients.

The CRM System offers a great growth potential to those who use it. If you aren’t convinced yet, then click here to read about The 5 Incredible Secrets That You Do NOT Know About CRM.

3. Keep all data in the CRM system

The creation of offers is based on discussions over time with customers in which you have identified thier needs and the specifications they need.

If you get careless, then some information will omitted, which contributes to the dissatisfaction of customers.

When we talk about generating offers through the CRM System, the possibility to omit information and to generate an offer that does not meet the needs presented by Customers is close to zero. Why? You have all the information you need in the same place, this diminishes the chances of making a mistake.

After generating the offer, all you have to do is send it to the Client. Normally the stage of making the offer was a hassle for sales representatives; requiring many calculations. Now, through CRM software they will only have to fill in some fields, which will take them only 5-10 minutes.

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